The Burungnesia Utilization to Detect Public Participation Preference in the Birding Sites Observation in Java Island

Swiss Winnasis, Luchman Hakim, M. Ali Imron


The contribution of citizen science in conservation field has been recognized important, but it is few studied in Indonesia. Citizen Science especially important in bird conservation. The aims of the research is to examine the citizen scientism preference in site selection and its relationship to the success to complete observer’s checklist in Java Island. This study confirm that citizen sciences effective to collect field data of birds. It is especially useful to recorded common birds, birds with high population number, and general birds. Specialist birds and birds in small population seems to be rarely reported by citizen scientist. Lowest prepared location often has limitation accessibility. Citizen scientist has preference to select sites for bird observation in wild habitat.

Keywords: Birds conservation, conservation,  public participation, Burungnesia.


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