1. Competitiveness of destinations, products and Tourism bussiness
  2. Diversification of tourim products
  3. Incentive system of business and investment in tourism
  4. Information, promotion and communication in tourism
  5. Tourism supporting infrastructure
  6. Security and convenience in tourism
  7. Tourism policy
  8. Unique tourism community life (living culture)
  9. Local knowledge, traditions, and cultural diversity
  10. Diversity and attractions in ecotourism
  11. Diversity of natural attractions in ecotourism
  12. Pluralistic diversity of ecotourism society
  13. Diversity of ecotourism activities
  14. Hospitality of the local resident
  15. The quality of torism services
  16. Quality of HR in tourism (Standard, accreditation and competence certification)
  17. The market share of tourism and integrated marketing system
  18. Package of tourism attraction
  19. Development of tourism regions
  20. Community based Eco-Toutirsm